The Muse Update

 Update... Really?
First off lovelies, our newest single 'Come with Me' produced by Adrian Bradford
came out last week on digital distribution so check it out!  Here are a few links and even one to just stream it: Streaming full song,
iTunes & GooglePlay. Whilst you are listening on any of the sites, feel free to leave a review! 

Now to the really cool stuff... well, for me that is!  If you have been following my music, you know that my studio albums traditionally have not had live musicians.  Well fast forward to the present, and here were are:  live musicians rather, my gents who play on my live shows.  Add to the mix 4 new live studio songs; the delightful honour of having one of the most heard drummers on R&B albums, James Gadson play my songs and, I am all kinds of sappy. Of course he would not have been possible without the introduction from one of my producers, Myles West.  So, thank you again Myles!

Swweeeeetttt.... now, I kinda feel a bit like a TV-infomercial because here comes the, "but wait there's more...." part:  James is playing live with us at our 1st show introducing 'The Muse' album on August 27th at the House of Blues on Sunset.  Colour me every shade of happiness and then add a touch of shimmer! 

So, now is the time that I share with you a few behind the scene photos from the studio - Enjoy!!  

The guys, the soundboard & some really cool looking tattoos 
courtesy Chris!
And Jamie Kime, my amazing guitar player
Chris Roy, my constant, cool under pressure bass player.

Here he is people.. James Gadson

Glen, my producer Myles, James, Chris, Jamie & me

A pretty jazzed group of people- excited & exhausted


So, dear ones .. if you made it to the end of this update, give yourself a big hug from me to you.  

As always, I thank you all for being a part of my musical journey and if you are in the LA area on September 27th, come on down to the House of Blues, Foundation Room - it's going to be great!


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