And, how was your weekend??

So for starters --- my weekend started out rather early Saturday morning. I left the San Francisco area around 4 a.m. ... drove to LAX …collected my brother … then we took the trek down to San Diego. Out of mere curiosity, I set my mileage meter [whatever those things are called ... 'trip counter'] on 0 [zero] just to see how far/much I would drive in 2 days ...
Oh my GAWD .. can someone say .. oil change?!?!
The grand total you ask…[drum roll] 1,579 miles ~ Is that really necessary?!?

Anyhow... worked in LA with Rocky on Sunday and Monday.... we finished up some songs -however, I am particularly elated over the very first one that he and I worked on ….. it has a definite Mediterranean touch .... [Thank you Osama for the assistance ;-) ]

Rocky .... my hero .. ;-)

Of course this weekend was also spent with my Grandmother in San Diego- it was a little difficult at first - but as relatives showed up, I was once again reminded why I love to disappear from there! ;-)

Anyhow, yesterday [Monday] was a killer - the morning started out in San Diego- then off to Los Angeles then back to San Diego for the viewing around 8:30 p.m. [that cemetery was massive!! Read: We got lost trying to find the actual viewing chapel! ] ~ then we headed back to our Grandma's to hang out for awhile ~ Around 11:00 p.m. we took off back to San Francisco .... [Thankfully, we did not need to stop for snacks as Grandma packed us loads … PB & J sandwiches included ~ without the crust!].

Now, today is crammed with work and more work... Mikell missed his 7:00 a.m. flight so he is stuck on stand-by and I am stuck at work ....

That's all for the moment.. I hope everyone had a safe and fantastic 3 day weekend… and, of course, that time was taken out to reflect on the reason for the extra day...

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