New EP, Press and I am still me ....

So much has happened lately.. however, I think I always say that here - because I always forget to blog! 

Anyhow, I have released a new self-titled EP.  If you have not heard it ...check it out .

I was so pleased to have Chris Mann work on the project with me.  Together we collaborated on 3 of the songs and, he sang "Red Light" with me.   Yeah, it was fun....

Since then, I have been popping around the globe promoting the new EP and of course, working on a new project, A Holiday album... 

We are all very excited for that and, the new songs which we will be tackling.  Who knew holiday songs would be so much fun! 
Anyone care to guess what songs I am doing????  

Oh.. and of course, I had to jump on the "application"  train.. I mean who isn't?  So, for my android friends... I give you free of charge ... the Amiena Application:

A more recent bit of news is .... I did a bit of a quirky interview in a magazine called Chulo Magazine - that is guaranteed to raise some eyebrows.  No matter,  I am fully clothed in the article and it was fun ... so, look for it out on August 20th.  In the meantime, you can catch so bits of it: 

So there you have it ... a simple little update from me ... which I promise I will keep up with from this point onward.   There is lots more to share - however,  finding the balance between life, music and blogging... whew tough work!  :-)

Have an absolutely fabulous day!

As always... "Live... Dream... Believe..."

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