New Album, 'The Muse'

So you have probably guessed by now that we are working on a new album.  This one is a little unique in that I have joined forces with Myles West who is producing the first project ever for me.  I am also working simultaneously with the producer of my last two albums, Adrian Bradford, on a "follow-up" to 'The Muse.'

I cannot even begin to tell you how much this new project means to me.  The songs are all original and truly are reflective of the world around me.  Talk about a roller-coaster ride!  

Working with Myles has been an eye-opening experience.  He has taken me just a little out of my comfort level and pushed me to be more open-minded in my melodies and vocals.  So, be prepared! 

The song that is "shared" in the Making of 'The Muse' is a song  called, "Write this Down."   I finished it few months back and, I have to say it is probably one of my favourites in that I literally laid it all on the line for "love" - whew! Let's see how that works out for me, eh? 

Here are some part of the lyrics:
Write This Down
V1. Waiting in my world
Finding it hard to breathe
Photographs and messages make up you and me
Missing you makes me want you more
It's slowly killing me
Join me now on this empty dance floor or set me free

Cho. Never thought this is where I'd be
Standing here waiting for you to see
Go ahead and write this down "funny how life turns out, you're mine"

V2. You're sitting in your world
Do you ever think of me while you're driving in your car listening to the songs I sing
I'm not asking for forever only want you here and now
You can be my puppeteer yet, my strings are wearing out.

Enjoy the little video and feel free to share it ... actually, kindly share it! 
Well, that is all for now.  Back to the studio I go with not only Myles West, but also with Adrian Bradford; who again is taking my lyrics and making some pretty amazing music as a follow-up to 'The Muse.' 

On reflection, I am truly blessed to be doing what I love.  I am so happy that you have decided to join me on this musical adventure - once again!

Have a beautiful morning or evening wherever you are in the world!

Much Love and Happiness,

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