Wow... it seems like every time I update my blog I promise not to take so long to do it again - yet, here were are in June .. and I am late again!

However, I have to say it is not because I have not wanted to update, I have just been busy writing and working in the studio.  WHAT  A YEAR 2013 has been - well, at least up to this point!

Finally after months... I am happy to say that my new album, Real, will be out soon... as in the middle of June!  This has been such a fun and personal project for me.  :-)

In the meantime, I have been working on promoting the album and the songs a little more - starting in Eastern Europe.  So, yep! You guessed it, this blog is coming right from the heart of Sophia, Bulgaria...  :-)

If you have not already had a chance to hear the first song from the new album out in June please have a listen - New Album Details

More to come - in the meantime, thank you for your support, your emails of encouragement and of course, for joining me on this amazing journey!


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