Goodbye 2012 ... You've been great!

Wow... what an amazing year 2012 has been!   Even if I wanted to complain about something, I simply could not.  I have been blessed beyond what I could ever deserve. 

So, a quick recap...  2012 offered me so many wonderful opportunities.  From completing my "Amiena" EP which featured the debut single of Chris Mann and myself called "Red Light".  

(oh and if you have NOT downloaded it, visit this link - and grab it for free until 1/2/2013)

Then there was the travel and meeting new "fans" / friends .... oh my who can take that for granted?  From Los Angeles to London to Morocco to Greece to Turkey to.... I seriously could not even ask for a better year!  

Essouira, Morocco

Inside Hagia Sofia - Istanbul, Turkey

Somewhere between Fera, Greece and Oia
Oh!  And who can ignore my holiday CD which for the first time ever, charted me on Amazon music.  Yea, I did not place very high, however to me, I placed and that is of course because of all of you! 

This year brought me some challenges and also some fun press articles, if you missed them, be sure to check out my website under "Press" - one from Chulo Magazine is a pretty funny read! 

I am sure we all had some great times and some not so good times this year but in the end, we are all still alive and moving forward so, let's go into 2013 full speed ahead knowing that this is the year to do what seems impossible.  Just one step at a time!

Of course, I could never be where I am in this wonderful journey called music without each of you.  I owe you all a very BIG thank you for supporting my music, sharing my songs with your family/friends and for being there to "cheer" me on when perhaps I did not feel like this wonderful musical dream of mine was within my reach.

I wish you all a wonderful New Year and thank you again for one of the best years in my life!  Next year I know will be even better - as Adrian Bradford and I are already in the studio working on new songs for the new album and gigs are already booked for January!  

"Live ... Dream ... Believe..."

Much love,

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