It's beginning to look a lot like....

In the Studio [it's dark]

Goodbye September..... what a month you've been!   As I write this, I am actually listening to the mix of my holiday album.  How cool is that? ;-)

I am very excited to say that we have finished the holiday project - (recording that is).  It was by far, a ride and a half - however, one I quite enjoyed. 

It was my first time working with music composer/ producer Jeff Cardoni, who I must say should be granted a knighthood for his patience with me.  

I am confident, I am the only person who recorded in his studio with the lights off, a lot of bad notes and rounds of "giggles" at the most inopportune times! Despite all of that - we both survived.

This was my first ever holiday album and I confess, I was overwhelmed by songs - however, with a little help from my brother, my adorable niece and a few others, interesting songs were selected.  One particular song, started out as a "PSA from me to you" quickly took a unique life of its own - I really hope you enjoy it as much as I did recording it.   I think I can start sharing the songs soon...

Next stop on this project is the photos - not my favourite part - oh well.  Thankfully, that will be finished this week and then the album will be off to be made into glorious digipaks and, on the  way to market.  

One last thing .... My  website: is finally re-launched - after a makeover.  Good heavens, I thought that would never happen - yet, it has! Let's celebrate. Check it out.  There are some specials offered in the store that you wont find in other places.  Also a new feature added is  the Bandcamp link - it's a great site and it allows you to pay what you want for my music and merchandise.  Really - check it out.

Right then - well that is all for now.   Be nice and come back around soon.

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