Christmas Tunes... New Article... So on and So forth..

Hey!  Here I am 2 blogs in one month.. this must be a record of some sort!
First off.... Here is the article that I have been talking about over the last few weeks that came out in Chulo Magazine - BEFORE you go there - I just want to give you a head's up that this is not for my lovely religious followers (my brothers and mum - this includes you folks too!) or those who check out new links in front of minor children.  That being said, the article is a pretty interesting one .... if I might say so myself ;-)  

In order to share it with all - I have included just my article below - however, if you want to purchase the magazine - the link above is the way to go!  Side note, if you are having a hard time reading below:  bare with me, I am trying to get the Adobe file uploaded to my website in the next few days.

Now moving on to other "bits and bobs" - Tomorrow, Thursday, August 23, at 5:00 pm (PDT) I am doing an interview should you wish to listen in or call in for that matter, just follow the link here: Blog Talk Radio interview with Doug Lancaster - Since I have no "filter" Heaven only knows what kind of trouble I might find myself getting into. 

Right then...  So this brings up to what I am doing right NOW!! Well aside from typing this blog and having to go back and fix all my mistakes, I am actually working on my very 1st ever Christmas project....  Unfortunately, this will NOT be a full on 8/10 song CD.   It will however, be a few songs that will be available in the next month or so.  I sure hope you all enjoy these tunes as I have NEVER gone into the recording studio and sang Christmas tunes!  I am so pleased to have Jeff Cardoni  producing this little holiday treat.  I assure you, I am a handful in the studio, and his patience is astounding!

In fact, just yesterday in the studio, I was singing the song "The Christmas Song" which by the way, until a few weeks back, I always called the "Chestnut Song"  (doesn't everyone?!?) and unbeknownst to all, I started just making my own words up .... it sounded great, I promise! However, I did go back and do it over again!   Yes, because that is how I roll in the studio.  At one point of the song he (Jeff) stops me and says, "Can we move away from the Wicked (Broadway show) version?"   -  So, I did! :-) 

Is anyone still reading this at this point?  

Anyhow, in more music news.... Adrian Bradford and  I will once again start on another new CD in the next month or so which, of course, will be all the original songs that (I hope) we all love and share with our friends... RIGHT? haha 

Well that is all for the moment, enjoy the read below ....


Here are a few helpful links to go grab my newest EP if you have not already:
iTunes and Amazon Mp3's  and if you have an Android... grab the application .. it's free!

Well that is all for the moment ... wishing all a lovely and safe week.  Remember, failure never reaches us, until we stop trying!


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