Sim Singhl... Practice and Life

Have you ever sat down and really thought about your dreams and life ... where you are and where you are going or if you are just standing still?  Well, today was that "day of reflection" for me .... and, although I am a bit disenchanted at the SLOW pace of the new project and the funding, I am so fortunate and loving life ... even with the up's and down's...  Silly sounding I know .. but just had to share!

Moving on.... so, the clothes from Sim Singhl arrived and sadly though they were in the wrong size (probably shouldn't say that here ... but ... hahahaha) - they still managed to fit ... a little ... err... thankfully, I am TRYING (but man it's tough) to do the Insanity workout... OUCH.. anyone done that?? Hats off to you if you have!! 

So, here are just a few pics that were done today .... more to come:

NO IDEA who this is .. hahaha :-)

Yep... that's me

Well.. that is all for the moment ... Hold on to your dreams ... even when it's tough... :-) 

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