Birthday and Stuff.... Oh.. and shows!

Wow... So since July 4th and the LA Times article ... ( ) things have gone a little CRAZY... but in a good way that is!

I am so stoked to say that some Los Angeles shows have been added ... so for those of you in Los Angeles, do pop in to a show or two... ;-)  THANKS!

On a personal note, I celebrated ANOTHER birthday... ahh.. turning 21 was amazing.. :-) I went with a few friends to a crazy informative Sushi lunch and then from there ... we went to the Bass Pro Shop .. yes, I said .. the Bass Pro Shop... I admit, I had NEVER been inside of one before... however, I did have a chance to do something I had NEVER done in my life ... and chances of me doing it again are pretty NON-EXISTENT.

However, for your viewing pleasure...

Back to music now ... :-)  I received a very encouraging email from Michael Dolan as I was a little bummed at the rate of this new CD ... He reminded me that while doing a project ..... I must do it with all my heart and spirit... RUSHING it just is insane ..... so with that in mind, I am "dealing" with the delays... :-)

Wow... July is almost over and August shows are soon to be posted!


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