New stuff...

Ahh.. so this weekend whilst watching the soccer matches (wow.. Ghana, Germany and Argentina..) I worked on updating the blog here - and added some Google account:

I clearly have NO real idear what I am doing ... lol.. but it was a fun change.   I noticed that some of the pics from 2005 and such are mixed in with newer blogs and such .. but that's ok I suppose... :- /

Moving on... things are STILL slow on the music end, but head up - its still going... I am looking forward to recording some live songs with Jamie Kime and then, doing a little special surprise for a family member (she reads this blog - so I dont want to really give it away...)

Well, this is basically just a test - good God- I do hope it makes it .. :-D

Wishing you all a wonderful, happy and safe remainder of the weekend!


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