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Friday, March 13, 2009

Nostalgia ….

So the other day, I was surfing the web … and I checked out a site my brother recommended… that caused me to stroll down memory lane .. and to even pull out audio cassettes – yes, I still have a few! Anyhow, since then I have been stuck in a rut of old memories… How fun those days were … well, most of it ..

Ok.. Ok.. moving on .. as you can see if you have browsed my site as of late.. there are new pages, new links, my music page now plays the full song and there is a STORE link yeah … how great is that? Finally, after having this site for an eternity – the links work.. They are still working on the “subscribe” button to the blog list… however, that should be fine soon.

Though things seem slow at the moment, I am told it is busy in the background.. so hopefully soon- more updates will come … In the meantime, I am still working on songs, music and in the studio …

More soon...