New Baby...

Yeah.. I am sure that got some attention! :-)
This is just a personal blog to tell my brother Mikell and his wife, Shy, congratulations on the baby news!!
Just remember ... Amin is the male version of Amiena .. so, don’t hesitate to use that name as well ... :-) Seriously, I am very happy for you both and, only hope this new bundle of joy does not take after our side of the family .. because if he/she does .. Oh there will be loads of curiosity, trouble and well… sleepless nights!
Moving on ... am so sorry to have missed you Mikell .. I wanted to make it to Texas but my calendar just would not allow.. nontheless, I hope to see you soon! Do your thing .. take care and be well!
Lots of Love and Hugs!

getting practice for the new role..

The serious look ...

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