Birthdays, Hair, Guiseppe, Father's Day

“He who refuses to embrace a unique opportunity loses the prize as surely as if he had failed.”
~William James~
Wow.. how to start this blog??
So much personal stuff has happened in the last few days.. For starters – HAPPY .. HAPPY .. Birthday to my little sister.. who allowed me to celebrate her special day with her by embarrassing her .. - See photo below

Moving on .... Haircuts and Saturday…
It started on Canon Drive here in Beverly Hills at a place called Guiseppe Franco Salon and, Guiseppe himself… Enough said.. :-) Thank you Guiseppe and everyone else there who shampooed, combed, coloured and worked on me… you are all brilliant..

Brilliant … Which brings me to my next topic… Father’s Day…
I typically try to ignore the day as it makes me sad, but this year I spent a part of my day with my older brother Joey and his family… which was cool…. A little lunch and shopping … is always a nice way to pass the day… then off to hear him at the church he was speaking at .. .although my sister and I were completely out of place there.. we survived.

Cassie ... being Cassie..

"Look Daddy..." Cassie just giving my brother a heart attack

Cassie washing her new Cheetah at Build-a-Bear

As a side note, I just want to tell you Joey that I think you are totally cool dad… I can’t wait for Cassie to start doing the things that we did as children (i.e. – phone calls, t.p. houses, bike rides, music, and giving mums a hard time).
I am sure there are a million other things to say.. but I cannot remember them all .. lol.. so to Jorge, Joey, Henry, Badr, Giulio, Rocky, Jamie, Paul , Muneer, Suheil and, any other father’s I know but forgot to mention... Happy Father’s Day… trust it was lovely…


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