Am I fixed now?? If so, thanks Jorge!

SO… HERE is the latest... as my last blog shared.. I am in this little thing called - here is the funny though.. whilst uploading the video "Will You" for people to vote on we changed our minds and decided we wanted to put the song "Bright Spot " up- however, we were not able to change the video –We've tried to delete and start over, but have not had any luck ...
ANYHOW, long story short.. "Will You" is up and posted on the site and I need your vote... THERE ARE 2 WAYS to Vote...
Vote Via Internet... this is TOTALLY free (and counts as one vote) ..
Go to and under artist.. put in my name (AMIENA)
Vote Via SMS: enter "pop2663" via text message on your phone to 90430 - (this counts for 10 votes BUT cost YOU .99)
Either way.. PLEASE vote and leave your rating…. Thanks!!

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