Life.. moves so quickly..

Ok.. ok.. so as usual, I have fallen behind in this blog.... story of my life...
Things are moving along.. I returned back to the sates in March (yep, a few months ago) and, did the whole catch up with the family thing.. So, this blog is going to be mostly about family.. if ya don’t want hear what is going on with mine.. :-) STOP reading now!! :-)

Having said that, I ventured up to Oregon ... (don't ask) to a little, and I MEAN LITTLE town called Ontario to see my dear little Graham Cracker Houses inspiration, Cassie.. Wow.. she has grown up .. tall, silly, adorable.. the spitting image of me as a child.. JUST joking…
Anyhow, I think at some point during my two weeks there, I realized I liked her better when her vocabulary was not so extensive! :-)

Oh well...
I had the opportunity to go to one of her events called Destination Imagination, which was a lot like "Whose Line is it Anyway" but a little cooler, since it was children that had to keep it going.. and, of course, it dealt with the "science" of things... Anyhow, her team placed second.. so that was great to see..

Then moving on ... since being back I've done a few shows here and there, but have mostly been concentrating on the new CD.. which is REALLY coming .. (yeah, we've heard that before) ~ it's a lot different than my first CD.. but still very much a part of me..

Now, I am back in LA for a little while then heading off to Bahrain for a little relaxation then back on the road.. must confess though.. still have not unpacked my suitcases from my last tour.. hum, guess that is where it helps to have closets full of clothes!!

Well, life has been zipping by... family is all good... music is great... I am happy, healthy and thanking all my friends and, of course, family who have been so wonderful ..

Trust life is well for each of you!

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