Can it REALLY be true??!!??

“So many changes of late… hum, at first I was a bit annoyed about everything changing.. however, now.. I am excited.”
A California Valley Girl

As of late, life has changed considerably, moving house, last official week of work in the real world, studying and travel on the horizon…

The website is completed. Friday should be the day that the new and improved site is up. I would love to hear feedback (only nice though please.. Just joking)

Friday is also my last day at work! Oh Yeah! How wonderful is that?!?! No need to answer, I am over the moon about it.

Having recently been made single again ..I am back in the studio … writing feverishly and preparing for upcoming shows.

In the meantime… Jamie Kime I totally MISS you …. Hope you are having a great time on your tour….I am putting your guitar pick on eBay…;-) The below is for you…xx

Happy Halloween … if you are into it…

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