Life or something that looks a little like it ...

“Only the intelligent ones risk insanity.
That is because they can see what others are not able to see and think in ways that make no sense to the simple minded ones.”

~My Dear Friend who lives in England, but whose heart is in Algeria~

Well, life is moving along in a crazy but exciting way….Something similar to a roller-coaster.. however, am still not ready to get off … Am back in the studio … working on new tunes and brushing up on some old ones…

Recently I have been hooked up with Nami ….. Here is a little info on him…

He is what Persians call the pioneer of Persian trance music. The multi talented “Nami” also known as “DJ Nami” . He is one of the top ranked Persian DJ’s throughout Europe, Middle East and USA.

The Audio/Visual artist Nami began studying music as a young boy living in Tehran, Iran.
Later he lived in France and the United States, where he also studied music of the surrounding cultures to implement into his artistic music style.

His last album became the album of the year in Iran, and is still selling.

Currently, He is working on a remix project for the singer, songwriter Amiena due this fall. Nami is also working on a project with legendary producer David Kershenbaum.

So that is all very nice… oh, and I know there has been a lot of talk about the site being re-done.. but this time is it REALLY happening .. a complete overhaul from what it is presently.. Long Overdue…

On a personal note.. “Ramadan Mubarek” to those who celebrate.. and, Happy (late – only by one day) Birthday Ashish!!

One last note, I am engrossed in an amazing conversation with my lovely friend … and he keeps popping off with lovely thought provoking comments.. a few statements might find their way into a new song.. however, I leave you with this … on the subject of love, people and relationships… [yep, Rocky.. there is a song coming! :-) ]

“Amiena, let me say this if I may; When something is right… the more we try to run away from it .... the closer we circle around it until we are in it”

“I would know I love someone when: I respect that person to listen to them even if I am about to render my last breath - I trust them to never have doubt if they are away, late or whatever - if I can feel totally emotionally naked with them as I know they accept me like they accept that a rose has it's thorns - … that we communicate openly and without reserve - if she feel the same then I will move mountain for both of us”

Whew! Ok.. one last thing... the pic below Mel is for you!!

Ok, that is truly all for the moment… Cheers…

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