Updating is so hard...

So... life is grand.. just back from Lebanon ~ where I likely had too much of a good time ... it was relaxing and lovely.. enough to make me think about going back soon!!

Here are a few pics that were just taken (pretty much the same night-in a place called Byblos, Lebanon.. )

Fadi and Me...

People .... :-)

Fadi, Amiena & Mimo

A Simply Lovely View... Al Mina, Tripoli

A group of really sweet guys...

Beirut, Lebanon

I am in LOVE with this place!!

Just loving the day...

Ziad & Monkey

So, of course, there is more to say about the trip, but I haven’t the energy... I tried to pop over to Syria to see my family.. but since I did not apply for the Visa before leaving the U.S., they made me wait for about 5 hours - then basically blew me off.. Lucky for me... Badr, was there to moon-walk (yes, I said moon-walk) for me in a sad... sad effort to make me laugh.. I did.

Ok.. that is all for the moment.. more shows have just been booked.. so, check back ..



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