Quote for the Day... Concerts and then, my little show....

He who risks nothing can gain nothing.
~Italian Proverb~

Not sure if any of you watched the special tribute to Princess Diana on VH1, but if you missed it .. wow, it was absolutely brilliant! Amazing music, energy and, production ..

Anyhow... again, just another friendly reminder to all... tomorrow is my last show with Jamie Kime since he is leaving for the Zappa Plays Zappa tour, so, come on out if you are in LA ... we are at the Cat Club on Sunset... on at 8:20 p.m. ~

this is Jamie and, he is gonna kick my arse when he sees this...

Jamie, Amiena and H.Chris Roy...

Jamie, A, H.Chris Roy, Rocky & Lisa

H.Chris Roy, A, Jamie & Ben

Moving on ... ok ... Giulio... have a wonderful time in Rome... thanks for staying in touch!

Best & Happy Weekend.... (although it is nearly over... )

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