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Monday, June 11, 2007

June.... here already??

Again.. I am late on the blogging… but really… does it matter?? :-)

Life has been very busy.. keeping me on my toes.. popping between the UK and LA still.. I was fortunate a few weeks ago to hang out with my favourite little person, my niece, Cassie….

That was great fun and relaxing … Finally..

Moving on to birthday's .... Ahh.. little Avi… happy 5th kido… hope it is a great one!

Now, about the music.. [because that is what we are all here for right] ... all continues to move at a snails pace … but moving nonetheless…. Am doing a private little party this Saturday… that promises lots of fun and cosmos! Pictures to follow...

Also, on the 11th … the guys and I are back to Genghis Cohen … so if you are in town . pop in ..
I believe there is a show or two coming up at the Cat Club on Sunset as well.... thank you Ian...
However, as many of you know .. my wonderful and talented guitar player, Jamie Kime, also plays for Zappa Plays Zappa and they are preparing for their tour... so.. he's a bit busy...
Ok.. now, I feel better for getting a blog up .... hope life is wonderful and remains that way...