Hello… to whoever reads this! So, last week was simply wonderful … for a few reasons… one, my friend showed up from England for my show on the 31st – although I had the day written down wrong I managed to collect her from the airport… somewhat on time… :-)

We had a great time … did the tourist thing .. went to the beach … did not drink near enough alcohol, but shared a load of laughs, of course, at the expense of others… [read: the beach] and, I was able to slow down just a bit to spread time with my younger sister who popped over for a short visit too!

my sister... (had Sandra here too.. but she flipped out!! SORRY!! LoL)

Shoes... my favourite PIC!! lol

Moving on … my show… Ah.. it was fun .. and, it was lovely to see people there… Imagine that! My friend, Sandra, videotaped it … luckily [!!!!] as the place I played recorded it but when it came time to finalize the CD, they lost it… hum, this stuff only happens to me! :-)

The Guys: Ben Thomas, Jamie Kime and H. Chris Roy... after playing Genghis Cohen, March 31st

Anyhow, so Sandra is going to edit the clips and make them “up loadable”… {is that a word} so I can share them on both my www.myspace.com/amiena site and this one …

Having said that …. I must go off on a tangent about vending machines… I simply cannot express how utterly annoying it is when you put your change or your last single bill into the machine and then the item does not come out all the way… leaving you left staring at the machine …. waiting for people to walk away so you don’t embarrass yourself by trying to get your item! And, although it works in the movies…. kicking the machine simply does not work!

Ok .. peace, love and happiness to all .. well, almost all… there are a few who I could careless about .. :-)

Jay… Sorry I missed your birthday! Hope it was lovely! Looking forward to seeing you soon and, of course, getting your thoughts on the last show! xxx

Thanks again from coming Sandra you managed to see life on the other side – it is truly bizarre!

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