Falling behind again!

Well I would apologize but really that might be a bit pointless… so moving on..

All is busy and lovely… I cannot remember the last time I did a blog.. However, as of late, I have just been running mad…. :-)

Last Saturday I sang at the MDA Gala in Beverly Hills, which was lovely… I believe the event was called, “A Night Under The Stars” … I am told I will get a copy of the performance and some photos soon ….
Will of course, pass those on … on that note.. a quick thanks to Jamie, the coordinator, for being so amazing .. and of course, the Ho-Dads who accompanied me … You guys are/were great- however, I am sure you know that … Check out their site if you need some music for your next event…

Next… oh! I am not sure if I gave anyone who might be interested in a few videos the link to my YouTube page…

OK … now, what else.. Jorge.. yes, a long blog is coming .. I have just not had a moment to actually sit down and write it … I gotta do it justice!!! Hope you and Laura and the babies are lovely..

More soon .. .really..
May life be kind … until next time…


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