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Have I fallen behind or what?!?

Inspiration comes in the most unique of ways..
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Have you ever gained insight by the actions of another? Just wondering …

Lately, it seems the world is moving so quickly, it is hard to keep up …. Then out of nowhere appears a beacon of light .. however, that beacon clearly is out for selfish fulfillment … perhaps a way to work a way through a mid-life crisis!?! Who knows… pay backs a bitch … Karma on you… [lol.. you so know who you are!! ]

Anyhow, am heading to London in a few days to work with some great artists and will have some new music posted then …

Presently, I am working on a new song .. of which a title has yet to be born – but the composer is Guilio Granati… he is fantastic ..

On another personal note.. Happy Late Birthday dear Kemal [you know you read this] and Mr. Farahat… Happiness always to two of my favourite guys!!

19 Feb 2007
Internet Interview
Current mood: busy

So the other day I did an internet interview.. but I was totally nervous... so I have opted out of linking the whole crazy interview here and have settled for providing the link to Just the Songs ~ so feel free to have a listen ... to download them or do as you like..

As and for a side note, thanks Jay for your honest opinion and thoughts.. you know you can never go wrong with me when you do that !! xx

Again, thanks for Jamie and Kats for playing and, of course, thanks to Jon for the invitation..

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