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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Goodbye 2006....

Wow… in with the New Year.. Goodbye 2006...
Well, a quick recap of last year.. my debut CD "Right Here" came out FINALLY …and, sales have been steady (although you NEVER can have too many!). I’ve discovered how wonderful iTunes and Rhapsody are ~ yep, I am talking about all those individual downloads! They are great!!

I’ve been popping between Los Angeles and London and am now quiet happy to be back in Los Angeles… working on marketing my CD while writing new tunes.

I’ve been fortunate to meet some amazing musicians and have lent a hand on several other projects that really take me in different musical directions... I was nominated for several awards with LA Music Awards and walked away with Female Vocalist of the Year, New Jazz, for my song “Fourth Floor”. I also walked away with R&B/Soul Album of the Year for my debut CD ‘Right Here’. A song I sang vocals on called "Never Know" which can be heard on my music player was aired on the t.v. show 'Bones'. I also discovered the phenomenon of myspace!! It's addictive! If you have not checked out my site, please do... And, of course there is more, but it has just been so amazingly crazy, fun and exciting, I am bound to leave something out!

Overall, there have been some crazy bumps along the year, but it has been wonderful…

On a personal note, one of my brothers got married (welcome to the family Shyane), my youngest niece discovered e-mail, one brother graduated from college and me, well, I am still single and without children.. but that is ok… my CD is my ‘baby’ so to speak and she is doing rather well!! Oh.. and, for those who are up close and personal, I finally got an iPod...! (well, it is arriving any day in the post!)

I hope that each of you have a wonderful New Year and that success and happiness becomes your shadow!