A few days later.... yet, still exciting!

Hello All...
Well as you know, I was nominated and won Female Vocalist of the Year, New Jazz and Album of the Year, Soul R&B last Thursday. Here are some of the pictures from Thursday night and there are more to come, including some video clips of the songs I performed.

So basically the night started out around 6:00 p.m. Another artist, Robert Popa and I walked the red carpet around the same time, although we were interviewed separately. It was actually really cool, but we'll keep that between us!! :-)
Robert Popa in front of the Music Box before people arrived and the red carpet walk.

Anyhow, I think the rest of the photos below are self explanatory.... Overall, it was an amazing night and I met a lot of people ... great musicians, singers and music lovers. I had a great support team around me .... and, of course, Jamie, the fantastic guitarist who happens to be off tour and honored me with his talent and played the set for me!! A million thanks for that....

Just me and one of my Awards......

Gospel Singer, Sherri Bryant and me ... Sherri was kind enough to hold my other Award for this shot.... She also performed a mean version of "Blessed" - [Check her out at www.sherribryant.com]

Jamie Kime [check him out at www.zappa.com] and me ...

Rocky & me ... The Producer of my Album 'Right Here' and co-writer of 7 of
the songs on the CD

Greta and Me.... Yep.. she was about ready to head home!!

Lots more pictures and info to come in the next few days.... Oh! And, a quick note to everyone for the cool e-mails of congrads and some really wonderful text messages!

Thought for the day: Life is short, do what you must to follow your dreams!

Cheers & Peace,

Happy Birthday Peter!! The ripe age of 71 and the sweetest guy I've come across in some time ... Cheers to you ....

Also, Matt & Ness... what a delight to meet you guys!! You are both really fun and Ness, you are not at all what I had imagined you to be.... Happiness to you both always... Come back soon Snapple Boy and Ness... Hashbrowns are waiting for you!!

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