Bones on Fox

Hello All...

So, last night I was out and about and I get a few text messages from folks informing me that truly, a song I recorded about 4 years ago which was written and produced by another artist called 'Never Know' was played at the beginning of the TV. show Bones..... It is a nice song, although not on my CD, 'Right Here'.

The artist who wrote, produced and sang back-up vocals on the song has it available on his site if you want to have a listen and/or purchase it. His link is

As for me, all remains well and good. Busy.. Busy... Busy.... Thanksgiving is right around the corner so that means, travel.... Whew.

Apologies for the short blog, however, I am just confirming the ‘Bones’ rumor and will update more a little later...

Be safe and well to all ... Cheers!!

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