And then ....

Well... today has been a funny day... I received yet again another e-mail from LA Music and learned there had been an accident and I in fact have NOT been nominated for Soul/R&B Album of the year... so ok.. a slight disappointment, but hey... it's all good ~ :-)

Hi Amiena,
Im so sorry that i need to write this email but i must explain to you an error that was made on my part. When i volunteered to help the LA Music Awards to inform blind judging nominees of their nomination, I made a human error in reading some of the lists they had given me. Some of the lists for artists were nominations, and some of the lists were Honorable Mentions. I made an error when reporting your nominations to you.

Let me first start by saying, you ARE a nominee, and you have been nominated, congratulations to you, you are deserving of it!! You also have received a few Honorable Mentions. You have been Nominated for New Jazz Female Vocalist of the year for “4th Floor”. You have received an Honorable Mention for Female Vocalist “Graham Cracker Houses”, “Will You” and an Honorable Mention for Single of the Year “Graham Cracker Houses”. Amiena, words cannot express how truly sorry I am for this error. I informed you incorrectly and I take full responsibility for that. I just want to make sure you are aware that this is of NO Fault of the LA Music Awards and purely a human error in reading on my part. They have been so amazing and professional with organizing all of the many many submissions and the error is solely on me reporting the results. I truly hope that you choose to accept this nomination, and accept my apology for the incorrect information being distributed to you.

We are so proud and honored to have you as a nominee and an Honorable Mention with your other songs, is a great achievement that we are proud to have you be a part of. I would be so pleased to still have you play at the Blue Palms Patio and have you be a part of our program listed as a performer of the 16th Annual Los Angeles Music Awards

Whew.... there you have it ... oh well... however, I am still playing so if any of you are in town and want to come on down... go ahead.... just be sure to purchase your ticket ahead of time!

More news later.. and, hopefully, a little more uplifting!


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