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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Just a Quickie....

All is still well... Very... very busy, but great!
So… I just had to post this to a very dear friend of mine who incidentally has been very busy as well.

The wonderful man who updates the site for me and fixes all of my ‘edits’ [thank you very much!!] went to Germany for the World Cup with his wife in June. Anyhow, when he came back he shared some fantastic pictures with me… so of course, I want to pass some on.

Ok.. what's this little guy drinking?? Hum...

However, more importantly… he came back with some news …. His lovely wife Laura, who is in the photo below, are going to have a baby! This is their first, so my deepest congratulations to the both of them… Now, here is the where the story gets better. Laura went in for whatever pregnant women go in for and they are not just having one child… it appears there will be two..
Way to go .....

So again, where I have been busy … Jorge has obviously been a little busier!

Moving on… just a friendly reminder … I am downloadable on iTunes and Rhapody or, you can just go there to listen to the tunes – however, iTunes will only play a portion of the song.

In addition, I have just been added to Independent Artist Company
That is all for the moment … Congratulations to Jorge and Laura again!