Oh.. My .. am I really downloadable??!!??

Hey everyone! It has BEEN a long time .. but what can I say, I have been bouncing from here and there --- one place to another - but now, things have calmed down a bit and I am SO happy to report that my songs are available on iTunes to download individually and so on ...


I've listed below some other places that either have it available now - or will have soon - so ... please check out the sites! Here they are:


Hear Music: http://www.hearmusic.com/

Arvato http://www.arvato.com/index.php?LANG=en&PAGE=home

AudioLunchbox http://www.audiolunchbox.com/

Bitmunk http://bitmunk.com/search.php

BuyMusic http://www.buy.com/buymusic/18250.html

BuyTone, LLC http://www.buytone.com/

Choice Records http://www.chondo.net/

Daiki (Music Online Corp) http://www.daiki-sound.jp/

Destra http://www.destramusic.com/

Digital Kiosk - http://www.godiscgo.com/

Emusic http://www.emusic.com/

WrapFactory http://www.buzzden.com/CDBaby/CDBabyLanding.aspx

Great Indie Music http://greatindiemusic.com/

Apple iTunes http://www.apple.com/itunes/music/

Verizon Wireless http://getitnow.vzwshop.com/index.aspx?id=music

Rhapsody http://www.real.com/rhapsody/?pageid=unagi.10498928&pageregion=header&src=rhapsody%2Crhapsody&pcode=rn&opage=rhapsody

I hope that everyone is doing well and, again, I thank you all for your support and e-mails!

Happy Friday & Cheers!!


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