Totally Tired…but worth it!!

[Mikell, Terrell and Crooks]

Arrived in Missouri… got the car rental and set out for the 200 plus mile trek to St. Roberts… major problem … the speed limit is only 60 miles per hour!

Anyhow… managed to arrive without any tickets ..... and on time…. Was not sure what to expect, but must confess….

[Me, Mikell and Terrell]

The first night there was a Solider Banquet... although the food was gone by the time we made it to the buffet, it was still fun... in an odd sort of way....

[Mikell, Terrell, Alejandro, Powell & Crooks....]

The last few days I got to see how life at Ft. Leonard Wood was for Mikell. Of course, it was totally toned down since civilians were around.. but you can get the basic idea.... here are a few shots of his place, what he did and so on...

Have walked away a few days later completely proud of my little brother and his friends … wow.. they worked really hard and although I am not keen on the whole Army thing.. I respect so much what each of them have accomplished….

Here are some more pictures below

Halladay & Mikell

Hendricks & Mikell

Mikell, Terrell & Alejandro

Mikell, Terrell, Me & Alejandro ....
Yea! Finally, They did it!

Quick note.. Mr. 'V' you were not creepy at all... :-)

Now, he's official .... an American Solider...
[that is what they kept saying all day...]
Well Done Kiddo! I am totally proud of you ...!!

Finally... he's coming home .... and, the trash will go out on time!

after graduation ... just out and about

Tennille flew in last night from California to come to his graduation.... poor thing! She took Greyhound from the St. Louis Airport all the way to St. Roberts!!
Terrell & his mom.... [thanks for the bracelet!]
Does this need an explanation?!?
If a picture is worth a thousand words... what does this say?

Will add more once I have a little more time... on the CD end... I am still waiting..... :-)

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