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Monday, March 06, 2006

New Babies… Project Completed.. and More…

Well… first off, I must congratulate Tino and Shala on the news of a new baby… .. [a little late, I know] ~ I met them a few weeks ago when an acquaintance from Chicago was in town and we met up with his friend, Scott, from graduate school [who incidentally became engaged on Valentine’s Day ~how sweet…] who then introduced Mr. Chicago and me to Tino and Shala… WOW… did everyone get that?!? :-) Anyhow, Shala is hoping for a girl … so fingers crossed a girl is what they will have. No matter though...whatever they have, he/she will be wonderful!

Now… on to the CD.....
I am so freaking happy to report that it is finished!
Yes, you read correctly… Rocky worked so hard this weekend [thank you.. thank you .. thank you!] as I continually reminded him of deadlines and subtle ‘goals’ I had calendared for my life… [whatever] Anyhow, at last… all the songs are completed. Mixing, mastering and, all that engineering stuff is wrapping up... I could not be happier. I am SO excited … and of course, in the next few weeks the website will be sorted out. All of the songs that are on the CD [as well as available to download individually] will be added to the site soon.

It seems a little surreal that this project is finally coming to the end of phase one, but it is totally on time and I really hope that everyone else enjoys the songs and music as much as we do… If not, well then hey… such is life! :-)

So, I should know within the next few days the exact release date…. I will naturally, keep my blog current on that.

Well that concludes my life at the moment .... hope and trust life is moving along well for everyone else…