Just a Quickie.....

So .. here we are…. All is going well… The CD is so on its way to being available.
Postcards have been delivered and things are just moving along dandily…. [hum, is that really a word?!?]

Within a week, my CD will be available for ‘pre-ordering’ at amazon.com. More details to follow on that soon…

Also, let’s see in the area of personal:

Things are great… Must congratulate Ms. Carrie & John on their first baby… [would insert photo of him here, but I don’t have one yet!! HINT!]
Anyhow… the little guy’s name is Ryan and I am sure he is adorable …

Little Miss Greta turned 9 last Sunday… Happy Late Birthday!

Apologies to Steph for standing her up on our ‘date’ ~ I was swamped and it literally slipped my mind… Hum, perhaps I can start a Hallmark collection of cards now too!

Would love to write more – but must catch a plane to London

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