Did I really just fly back?

Have you ever had one of those days when you are somewhere but you really want to be
somewhere else??
Well, that is my day today! Have just arrived home from London yesterday and everywhere I go today, the only place I want to be is back in London … walking up those 4 flights of stairs ..... [not really those in the pic...but close... :-) ]
– strolling through Kensington Garden or even reading the paper at the local Starbucks…

heck, I’ll even go in Marks & Spencer’s for a quick stroll ! Hum… must have had some pretty dandy Cosmo’s over the weekend! :-) Or perhaps it was the lovely company, my bad cooking …
[poor little fella .. he ate it all!!]
or just the simple fact of being .... who knows?!?!?

Anyhow, I really wish I had news to report on the CD … but, I have none at the moment … all is
the same ..
It is still in production!
This is more nerve wracking then when I was actually in the studio working on it! I think I now know the TRUE definition of the phrase “Hurry Up & Wait!” Those who know me … know that patience is not a virtue I possess… and I am pretty happy this way, save now!

Moving on … while I try to keep away from politics and my personal views on things in this blog…. I must share a couple of things… Sunday my friend and I were having coffee in Starbucks and reading the paper… I wanted to share one article which made me laugh in a sad sort of way… unfortunately, I could not find the exact article, but I did the Google thing and found this article about the same Kuwaiti Prince who is branching out into the world of fashion…
http://www.enigma-mag.com/interview29.htm ~ perhaps it is just me … then again, perhaps not.. but do we really need designer Hijab’s from Prada? Whatever..!!

So it is official, I have driven my Producer absolutely mad {insane} as I cannot help but call EVERY FLIPPING DAY to ask … “is it done …is it done … is it done..” Envision the donkey in Shrek 2 asking that question … “Are we there yet…” - Yep, that’s me … I’m the donkey!

Moving on…. Tomorrow I am leaving for Missouri… [no need to re-read that … I said Missouri] have never been there save the change in the airport, but I will be in St. Roberts for a few days then heading into St. Louis. My little brother [who is mentioned in previous blogs] is graduating from the Army training …. Ok… yeah.. it is a crazy world.. but hey! He did it and so I am wrapping up and heading to the mid-west…. Lately, I just seem to live on planes.. although that is a nice change of scenery from the living in traffic mode.

So the fact that the CD is still in the makings has caused me to ramble on and on … hence this blog… IS ANYONE STILL READING THIS?

If so, I heard that my niece who will never in my eyes leave her teenage years behind [because that makes me older] – is getting married … wow… Congratulations! Then I found out that my other niece has a baby…! Wow again…..

and I think going out and buying Beta fish is a strong step up the ladder of commitment to happily ever-after!

Well, now that I have managed to say absolutely nothing at all… I bid you all a good night and hope that the next blog I post is more informative and so on….

Love, Peace & Happiness to all.... :-)

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