Crazy days are here again…

Let me start by saying I have been trying for the last few days to take a picture of a rainbow.. I know it sounds insane, but it makes for an interesting topic….

Anyhow, mission was finally accomplished…. a picture of a rainbow has been successfully taken…

If you have not noticed there is now a link for … . The whole myspace thing is a little strange for me.. but whatever. I am still playing with it – trying to figure out how to make it look unique and nice.

Have lately found myself thinking of the next project to begin: So if anyone has any suggestions, please advise.

So, as you know I was really holding out for the song 4th Floor. Click on this link [hope it works] and have a quick listen to part of it… C:\Documents and Settings\Kili\Kili's Documents\My Music\Artist\Album\Artist - Track 2(2).mp3

Must congratulate Stephanie, Bryan, Jared, Samuel and Brianna on the new addition to their family. [told you I would do it Steph!]

Lastly, I came across a pretty fantastic Moroccan singer... and, he's cute too.... ~

Although lots is going on behind the 'scenes' - there is not much to show for it at the moment ... so more later..


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