TUESDAY.... [again?!?]

So, I am recuperating from a broken heart. Well, maybe not a broken heart- but I was a little bummed that Seattle lost ... [although not sure why, since I really don’t follow football ~ ]
I really wanted them to win, one of the reasons was purely geographical .. they are closer to California ... [Yeah.. ok ... I know.. ] - the other reason will probably get me into trouble, so I’ll go ahead and move on to another topic now...

Again, in the interest of confessions... must say, I wish my hips were as agile as Mick’s!! Really, I watched him in admiration, horror, a tinge of jealousy and so much more.... but hey[!] ~ that’s just me...

Now... moving on to life... As you all know, my little brother is in the military. Well, I have been cat sitting for him. Now for the record, I really have no problems with cats - they just make me sneeze. Anyhow, I have been feeling like a jerk for keeping Zahara [the cat] in his house, which is directly behind mine and, have been letting her hang out with me in the evenings....but now, [just this morning] I noticed that she clawed my couch! I am so annoyed at that .. As and for a completely different side: She eats the leaves on my plants and I just don’t get it! I feed her! ANYHOW.... Of course, my cat issue is nothing in comparison to what is going on in the world today.

I was reading an article about Coretta Scott King. She was an aspiring artist ... never heard her sing, but in this article, people raved about her voice.

If anyone is from Haiti and you’re reading this blogg.... Don’t forget to go out and vote today.. well, it is probably too late now, but I hope you voted.

Staying with the news in Haiti:
There is a really interesting article about how 'Haitian Hillbilly' Fights Kidnaping with Music.

Let’s see... on a more serious personal note, I am happy to report that RAWA, [http://www.rawa.org/] a cause I totally support - has just sent me the final document to include on my CD ... Presently, it is somewhere between here and London being edited by none other than my ‘biggest fan’.

With respect to the CD, it's ALMOST there.... hum.. if I count how many times I have said that, I’d be exceptionally bummed out. However, reality speaks for itself.. and it is really finally almost completed. I’ll be in Los Angeles again this weekend ... working and wrapping things up...

Well, that is all for the moment ..

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