Happy Valentine's Day....

Tuesday evening .... 6:02 p.m. - Valentine's Day and I am at home.. alone.
Well that is certainly not the best way to start out the blogg- nonetheless, true.

So this weekend was a whirlwind, as they typically have become... We [Rocky & I] wrapped up all of the songs that are presently recorded... I am really pushing for one song that is not completed - so this Friday I am going to work on that. Anyhow, between the drive to LA and the way home, I managed to get sick - thus, the need to stay home all day Monday -
I think I spent the day sleeping and watching everything from American Justice to Murder She Wrote and of course, 100 Hottest Celebrity Bodies.... in between all of that, I slept.

Now, today is Tuesday - I managed to leave my house for a few hours, but quickly found my way back home to the comfort of my couch and remote control. Yep.. I'm still sick!

Must confess, I am a little bummed - I mean typically today is the day that your significant other "let's you know how he/she really feels" - seeing as how I apparently don't have one - I am left to contemplate and reminisce on those valentine days of the past.. [intro of “Memories” begins to play… ok that’s a little too dramatic ;-) ]

Last year... I was in New York and I remember watching a great movie - "Notebook" … falling asleep and then rushing to go out to a restaurant ~ yeah... on second thought, I think I am happier I am alone this year... last year was a unique moment.... I'll stop there!

Anyhow.. enough of that rant..

I am told that the new songs should be on my site within the next day or so ... that is exciting ... I am still stuck on the CD cover issue… who knows these things?!?

What else… oh right! Valentine’s Day with me and Zahara [my brother’s cat- she's there on the couch]….
It’s still a little early so we might head out to Petsmart to get her some treats – other than that … it’s a definite drive-thru night for me… and, for desert, its Ben & Jerry’s Karamel Sutra ice cream … hum.. that could be interesting… ya think?

So to all of those who are out having a lovely time …… carry on… and to those of us who are at home… “Long live independence..” [What!?!]

Wish there was more to say, but the medicine is kicking in .... Good night all.... Happy Valentine's Day... :-)

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