Disclaimers… Setbacks …Double Beds and Cosmopolitans…

And the ride continues!!!

So here I go .. a quick recap of what is going on since the last blog…

Last week was/is a blur… but somehow, work managed to get done and of course, that leaves me feeling great!

Friday, I made my trek down to Los Angeles to work on the CD project … this being the last weekend and all…. [Read: Yeah right!]

A friend flew in from the windy city of Chicago ~ and since the flight was a bit delayed, I got to kick around LAX a bit…

Although I was supposed to work in the studio on Saturday, the guys weren’t ready for me… so the day turned into a sightseeing day from Beverly Hills, to Santa Monica then Malibu and ending at a restaurant called ‘Hollywood & Vine’ in Hollywood, where I probably had just one too many cosmos… Nonetheless, I managed to survive .... anyhow I stumbled into the studio Sunday and we worked on the infamous song 4th Floor… Imagine my excitement..

Rocky & Chris [aka: Habib] did some amazing work on the music before I arrived. As usual, Rocky and I just did our thing and the end result, at least in my opinion, is another fab song!

When I left Los Angeles yesterday [Monday] Rocky and a couple of other people were working on the last minute touches to various songs….

Ladies and Gentlemen … I am happy to report .. that NEXT weekend [yep.. another week] EVERYTHING will be completed .. Releases signed, track listings completed, lyric sheets completed, CD photos selected and all that stuff!

Along the lines of the website… 2 new songs were added last night and when my webmaster arises from his ‘grave’ [his words :-)] today – he is updating some of the songs with the newest changes…

On the note of great things happening … just want to wish Bob the best on his audition .. although it is a little ways off, I am so happy for you …. I’ll cross my fingers, toes and eyes [although cannot promise to do that for long –seeing as it is uncomfortable] that you make the final cut!

Must say, I am so happy when I get these cool e-mails from you guys… thanks! Last night I got one from someone who lives/ is from Morocco .. ~ of course, when I responded to his
e-mail, [being the genius I am] I sent it from my hotmail account! Oh well..

So this weekend was productive, fun and revealing …. that’s about all for the moment …. Back to the grind I go..

OH!! One last thing … I must report that Arsenal beat Real Madrid today … http://www.sportinglife.com/football/live/reports/story_get.cgi?STORY_NAME=soccer/06/02/21/SOCCER_Arsenal.html ~ that’s good for me on a few levels: when they win… I get a call no matter what time it is... Ah, the simple things that make me smile! :-)

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