Did the last blog really sound bitter?!?

Have been advised that my Valentine's Day blog sounded bitter.... quite the contrary...
Anyhow... tomorrow is Friday .. as we all know ... and I am heading back down to LA to finish the last of the CD project ... It seems like I keep saying .. "ok .. this weekend is the last weekend."
HOWEVER, really this is the last weekend ..[I think! ;-) ]

So in an extreme effort to show that I am not disgruntled, annoyed or bitter about Valentine’s Day, love in general or any emotion that is related to such an idea ... I submit the card below ....

[for those who do not know: Tesco’s is a food store.]

Moving on .... So the last three nights I have fallen asleep in my living room while watching television. And, for the last three mornings around 3:00 or 3:30 a.m. I wake up to the Olympics airing; each day they are playing some sport called "Curling" .... It amazes me the energy and effort that goes into the sport... so I watch it .. trying to reason how and at what point a person realizes that they want to pursue this game.... and then the time passes by and I am caught up in the excitement of it all ... [hum.. am I serious?!]

For those that have NO IDEA what Curling is ... please see the attached link http://www.infoplease.com/spot/winter-olympics-curling.html

Photo by: Salt Lake City - Christof Schwaller (Getty Images)

Now, props to those that play the sport - because hey! I can’t play... but I am left scratching my head - wondering ....

Am reading the news at the moment .... on the issue of accidental shootings... what’s up with that?!? http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/11392889/ Lucky guy!

Run away dogs from the Westminister Kennel club... not to worry, a reward has been offered for the little guy!

Wow.. and the Court rebuffed Jackson’s bid for custody... hum, really?

And so much more ... well that is about all for the moment ... more when I am inspired...

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