Reflections .....

So I’ve lived through another crazy weekend and am now a few steps closer to the completion of my CD. Funny how it seems that now... I am searching for something new to occupy my soon to be free time!

Have been really busy as you all know .. dashing up and down the length of California, but that is almost over now ... and I am really excited about that.
I think I am… how do they say.... 'at the end of my rope?!?' Anyhow, I spent yesterday totally recuperating from the craziness of everything and now feel a little more charged today!

Am presently working on the 'Acknowledgements' on the CD and it is funny when I write down the list of names of the people who were present at the start of the project and look to see who is still around ... It is kind of strange to reflect on where I was as a person back then and where I am presently.

On the issue of people previously associated with this project... I spoke to someone last night who played an instrumental role [support/vent wise] on this project and I must say, I was really happy we spoke.... it was a bit awkward at the beginning, but in the end... I remembered again what it was about him that had captivated my attention at the very beginning… Anyhow…

So back to music … a newer version of ‘Get Myself Up’ has just been completed and I think it will be posted on the site in the next day or so… I totally love it and of course, hope everyone else does too!

With respect to where the CD is presently ~ Here is the breakdown:
  • Have completed 13 songs… [Not a lucky number .. oh well!]
  • Working on the CD Package… but am a bit lost at all of the selections presented to me…
  • Rocky is busy adding background vocals and mastering songs and such…
  • There is one song left that I really want to have on the CD … so there is a little more work left to do ~ the song is called 4th Floor… Crazy title I know.. but whatever!

With respect to the website:

  • In a few weeks the CD will be available.
  • A few new tabs will be added – one called ‘Media’ & the other ‘Fun Stuff’ or something like that….

Well, that is about all for the moment … thanks again for the e-mails and I trust that everyone is great…

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