Rainy Days ... USPS... and Reflections ...

It's Wednesday and it is raining over here [off and on] in the San Francisco area... a typical 1 1/2 morning commute is turned into a 3 hour bumper-to-bumper, traffic jam ... all because some fool feels the need to slow down and look at the accident on the OTHER side of the freeway! [yes, I do it sometimes too.]

Thought for today: There should be 2 freeways:
One for the serious, 'I just want to get to where I need to be driver' and, the other, for the people that are compelled to slow down when they see a cute driver/accident and/or any other absurd reason! [Those are the ones that typically slam on their brakes when little sprinkles hit their windshield! Hello dumb ass [apologies] the guy in front of you is JUST cleaning his/her windshield!].

Although I am quite sure that no one really cares .. I had to vent... Hum... Feeling much better now... :-)

Spoke with Rocky yesterday - he's been working diligently on getting the music just right and fixing all of my mistakes... Thank you very much!! :-) He is truly my hero. This weekend promises to be full of studio work and lots of cosmo's to calm me down...

Today I sent via the good old privatized USPS- some CD's [of me ... of course] for review ~ I think it's called it 'A Sneak Peek' at Reflections ... which is the name of my soon to be released CD.... So to those who should receive it soon - Enjoy! Your thoughts and comments are greatly appreciated!!

Anyhow... this is the extent of my ever-so unimpressive day..

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