Monday ..... again?!?

Well.. here we are .. another week... Is the weekend over already?

Unfortunately, there is not a lot to report .. things are still moving smoothly along... although not reflective in the website itself ... things are on schedule and the CD release date is now officially set for February 26, 2006... - It's probably lame to say "Mark the date" ... but go ahead and do so!

So it is set .. I am leaving next Wednesday for London ~ have managed to learn that I will be working a bit .. so will keep all informed on that... I am really looking forward to the London trip - although just there a week[ish] or so ago... each time I visit... I learn something more about life, people and me.... hum... ??? It's too early in the morning for this babbling...
Me... on Monday's .....

And... all of a sudden it was Tuesday!!!

So to all those whose morning started out as mine did~ with countless missives starting at midnight.... and for all of those to whom this may apply.... 'Here is to wishing you and your family a wonderful EID MUBARAK .... May Allah [God] bless you with peace, hope and happiness..' [thank you Mr. Kent for allowing me to 'borrow' your text]

As and for a side note... for anyone who cares.. have just read on the elevator coming up to my office that today is National Clean Off Your Desk Day... [like we don't have enough things to worry about during the course of a day!] This 'Day' apparently falls on the 2nd Tuesday of January ... every year ~ who knew?!?

Must admit, I was curious - looked it up:

That is all for the moment ....

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