Wow... it is only mid-day and it feels like it should be over. In the midst of working [yep... I really do!] :-) ~ I am finding it rather difficult to make time to go Christmas shopping. The lines just to get a parking space at the mall are enough to discourage me! So I have decided that my family and friends are all going to receive Starbucks and Barnes & Nobel gift cards. [Guys, please act surprised when you get your gift/card!].

Just joking.... sort of...

Well, my little brother arrived yesterday and setting aside the fact that I was 45 minutes late in collecting him at the airport [horrible, I know] ~ he seemed to be in a fantastic mood. Must say, seeing him after two months really brightened my day. Don't worry though, that 'brightening' dissipated during dinner and now him being home is no longer a novelty! :-)
[That's us: Me, after too many cosmo's & him after a long flight & dinner with friends]

Must confess, am happily surprised at the responses that this site has generated even with it being 'under construction' - thanks guys for all of the great and supportive e-mails! :-)

Well, that is all for the moment. So, until later... be safe and happy holidays!

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