My First Blog....

As you can see I have a new website being patient while it's being completed ~ it is more work than I thought it would be!! However, I am really lucky to have a patient, creative and wonderful guy working on it! :-) Thanks!

Anyhow .... I am still in the studio recording with the guys... just when I think .. "We're done" something else comes up ~ no matter... we are really [fingers and toes crossed] almost finished and that means my CD will be readily available. In the meantime, Mr. RDG is working feverishly on this site ... updating stuff, adding photo's and adding songs that will be available to listen to or to download.

Well, that is about all for the moment...

Until my next post... Happy Holidays and thanks for dropping by!

Oh! One last thing~ Happy Birthday Osama Raad [] ... ;-)
See I did not forget!

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