Is it Monday already?!?!

Wow.. this weekend literally flew by... It started off with an early morning drive down the 1-99 to Los Angeles to work in the studio and of course, get some photos done for the site, CD, etc.

Anyhow.. after hours in front of the camera, Ms. Deb [the world's greatest photographer for me] was able to get some great shots.

My personal fave:

That of course is a joke.....

This weekend in the studio we were supposed to finish up on a few songs that needed a little work, but Rocky came up with a FANTASTIC beat to a 'vent' poem I sent to him last week.
So we recorded a scratch of a new song called 'Perfect'.... Hopefully, just a piece of it will be available to listen to in a few days on this site....

It just hit me this morning that Sunday is Christmas and I've barely started my shopping~ I went to the mall the other day and it was CRAZY .. whatever happened to Christmas spirit, cheer and goodwill to one another? Please!

Well, there is so much to do and tomorrow my little brother is coming home for a visit. Then he and I are taking off for London on Friday to hang out with a friend of mine ... so I will try to get back to this before then, but if I do not .. I hope you all have a fantastic week and that this Christmas / Holiday Season surrounds you with those that you love.


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