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Monday, December 26, 2005

Day After Christmas....

So... we arrived in London.... completely tired and ready to go... Kemal collected us from the airport.. although, he had no flowers to welcome us, he was on time - [unlike me... i.e. previous post] and he even had the tube tickets for us!

Of course, not much was open considering it was the day before Christmas, however, we [Kemal, Mikell and myself] went off about the city showing Mikell the lights... and so on...

Below are some photos [please note: we are not photographers ... ;-) ]

Holland Park


[see in the very back is Big Ben.... and so on]

[Christmas dinner... - Can you find the 'turkey'? ]

So, needless to say, everything is moving along wonderfully here... Christmas this year is one that will be remembered for many, many years to come.. it was completely lovely, although that is hard to believe judging by the spread in the photo... but it was fun. Mikell tried to cook the turkey that Kemal bought and me, I just laughed....

Well, that is my holiday for the moment... now we are off to do some shopping...

I hope that you all had a fantastic holiday!!