Beefeaters...Snow... Towers and Thames.. all in one day

Hello all!
So yesterday, my brother and I did the ‘tourist’ thing… must confess, I had a great time ..
Started out with a quick walk through Holland Park… please note the snow… lovely … eh?!?

[please note the Arsenal hat!]

Quick breakfast at Starbucks then off on the No. 9 bus to Trafalgar Square … and off to see Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, and down the Thames River to the Tower of London.

Here are a few shots on the way to the Tower of London.

Big Ben.... bet you guessed that though... right!?!

A view from the Thames ... Big Ben & Westminster Abbey

Tower of London Shots:

Tower of London with Tower Bridge in the background

Tower of London from the Thames River

Sorry, forgot his name..... Beefeater..[?]

Forgot his name too!

Are you kidding?!? This gent would not even look at me!

The Tower of London was totally packed with tourists … Imagine that! However, it was a lot of fun to see again and who can pass up the chance to see the Crown Jewels?? My brother! So, of course, we stood in line for 40 minutes just so I could see them [again]!

Big Ben at night .....

Tower Bridge at night

Although I have made an honest effort to get some shopping done – since everything is on sale… I have not really bought anything, because even on sale, it is still more than it would be in the States…. [hey!! I’m on a budget! ;-) ]

Well more later… have just come back from eating dinner at a place called Jules… and am settling in to watch a movie.

Good Night All!


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